3D printing, Rapid Manufacturing and Prototyping, Repair Welding

With the advancing technology of laser additive manufacturing, functional parts can be created from powdered material or wire by laser melting. Beyond allowing for rapid prototyping, this technology is aggressively making inroads into several industries, with aerospace applications leading the way. In an environment where speed, efficiency, and reliability are crucial, DirectPhotonics’ compact, ultra-high brightness direct diode lasers are the key to success. Small spots allow for near net-shape manufacturing and the generation of intricate geometries; efficient design reduces the size and cost of the systems; and robustness provides access to a wide range of metals and other materials. And for those applications requiring only a few hundred watts, a compact light engine with DirectPhotonics’ high brightness technology can be easily integrated with the powder nozzle or directly on a gentry..



DirectProcess 900


Direct Diode Laserengine for Material Processing

Wavelength: 900 nm to 980 nm
Power: Up to 600 W
The ultra-high brightness of the DirectProcess laser system is perfect for direct diode laser material processing in demanding industrial environments.



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