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Flat bed sheet metal and 3-D robotic processes

DirectPhotonics' state-of-the-art, ultra-high brightness direct diode lasers are truly a next generation tool. Using the simplicity of passive optics and back reflection-resistance laser diodes, our lasers enable cutting system integrators to leapfrog the technology of fiber and laser resonators as well as high-power splices. Built for industrial applications and perfectly suited for sheet metal cutting, our ultra-high brightness direct diode lasers offer a beam parameter product of 7.5 mm*mrad in the 1 micron wavelength range – a first for direct diode lasers. With output power that can be scaled up to 4 kW using cigarette carton-sized building blocks of up to 500W each, our lasers allow systems integrators to tailor the source specifically to their customers’ needs. And because fiber delivery lends itself to robotic integration, DirectPhotonics' lasers are the perfect source for 3-D or freeform cutting applications such as those used in the automotive industry, where low cost, high efficiency, and small size are important features.





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The DirectProcess 900 achieved fast cutting speeds for both mild steel and stainless steel that are very similar to those achieved by a standard fiber laser. With regard to cut quality, whilst yield- ing a slightly rougher surface of the cut edges, the 500 W DirectProcess 900 outperformed a 1.5 kW test fiber laser in edge angularity for mild steel. These results demonstrate how direct diode lasers are becoming an alternative on a complete par with fiber lasers for such cutting applications. At the same time, they offer typical advantages like compactness, high efficiency, usability and easy maintenance.

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