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Welding, Brazing, Soldering, FRIT Cell Sealing

As laser welding and brazing gains popularity in applications from body-in-white welding/brazing to high-speed tube and medical device welding to the sealing of Li-Ion batteries, lasers are now replacing TIG even in low-cost applications. Driving this trend, DirectPhotonics' new ultra-high brightness direct diode lasers deliver a source that is reliable, compact, and offers low cost of ownership. In addition to increasing the working distance, high brightness welding lasers allow for remote welding and enable true, narrow keyhole welds. And because we know reliability matters, DirectPhotonics' direct diode lasers offer superior performance when it comes to tolerating the back reflections common to welding materials such as copper/aluminum joints on Li-Ion batteries. Similarly, DPI’s medium power, turn-key systems are a perfect fit for joining applications, such as FRIT welding or PCB soldering, used in electronic manufacturing. DPI offers solutions for everyone – from the weld system integrator starting his own product line to the welding engineer looking for a new solution. 





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