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From Berlin, Germany

DirectPhotonics, established in 2011, develops, manufactures and sells ultra-high brightness diode lasers that are revolutionizing the market currently occupied by fiber and disk lasers. Leveraging patented technologies from Fraunhofer Institutes, we at DirectPhotonics have significantly increased the brightness of fiber coupled and direct diode laser systems to become the new workhorse in cutting and welding applications.

Headquartered in Berlin Adlershof, Germany, with a subsidiary in the Silicon Valley in California, we offer lasers with optical output power levels from a few hundred Watts up to the Kilowatt range, and with a beam parameter product of 7.5 mm.mrad even in the multi-kW range. The goal is to replace less efficient laser technologies by eliminating the need for a brightness-enhancing resonator.

Key to entering this competitive market is not only a diode laser system with unprecedented beam quality, but also an architecture that is designed with manufacturability in mind. Our team of engineers comes with long experience, both in building high brightness diode lasers and in automatically assembling laser systems, assuring high reproducibility and reliability.

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