Thermal Processing

DirectBond 800

Direct Diode Laser System for Thermal Processing

Wavelength: 808 nm
Power: 100W Up to 400 W













  • Turnkey system for 19” rack mount.
  • In low power air cooled with thermal management in higher power water cooled.
  • The Turnkey system is microprocessor operated and has standard interfaces as Analog, Serial (rs232) and TTL Control.
  • The laser system is equipped with an industrial, detachable fiber.


  • FRIT Welding (Displays: TFT, LCD and OLED eg.)
  • Thermal Processing applications
  • Soldering
  • General electronic manufacturing processes
  • Plastic welding



Optical Parameters
Power/W 100 200 300 400
Waverlength Range 808 nm
Spectral Width(FWHM) 4 nm
Wavelength Tolerance +_3nm
Pilot Laser Red
Fiber Core 200 µm 400 µm
NA 0.22
Fiber Connector SMA, D80 SMA(Water Cooled), D80(Water Cooled),
Fiber Geometry Circular/Square
Electrical Parameters   ** Optional power supply 110 V/230 V
Max. Modulation Frequency 10 kHz 5 kHz
Minimum Puls Duration < 10 µs
Supply Voltage 110 V/230 V
Environmental   ***Non condensing environment
Operating Temperature Range*** 10~45 °C
Storage Temperature*** 5 ~50 °C
Humidity @ 25°C*** < 75 %
Cooling Forced Air Tap Water
Cooling Capacity >260 W >520 W >660 W >800 W
Dimensions/mm 482x133x286 482x133x286 482x133x400




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