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Ultra-High Brightness Industrial Diode Laser Solutions

DirectPhotonics' innovative industrial high power diode lasers unite high beam quality, similar to that of disk and fiber lasers, with a robust design and improved manufacturability. The technology, which was developed and patented by Fraunhofer in Germany and in the US, avoids complex brightness enhancing resonators, and instead uses passive optical elements to combine the beams of the individual into one ultra high brightness beam. The resulting laser systems are reliable sources for material processing, especially for welding and cutting, with low cost of ownership and a small footprint.

  • Highest Efficiency and Reliability
  • Ultimate Compactness
  • Superior Power Scalability
  • Wide Range of Technical Flexibility

DirectPhotonics' diode lasers applications are not limited to material processing, thanks to the wavelength stabilization and the availability of different wavelength diode material, the systems also are excellent pump sources. The ultra high brightness direct and fiber coupled diode lasers enable new and improved pumping schemes, especially for resonant pumping at 15xx nm and the pumping into narrow absorption bands like the 976 nm in ytterbium fiber lasers.